Perform Hub (2009).
Since I am currently on the hunt for job opportunities, I seem to spend a large amount of time wistfully dreaming of practising in interesting, up-and-coming firms world over. I have been meaning to start a series of posts on the more interesting aspects of this search. Today I came across Nilsson Pflugfelder, a duo based in London and Berlin. Engaging in a variety of spatial practices, built works and competition musings, the pair are probably best known for their design and construction of the performa Biennial's central meeting/screening place, lecture hall, bookshop and lounge in Downtown Manhattan. A long, tall wall follows the section of a lowered ceiling and produces varying spatial conditions for occupations: an open field in which public, visible programmes take place, and a series of more intimate pockets dug into the wall.  
I also have to admit to being thoroughly taken by their manifesto, and their  fascination with archives, which I find difficult to get past.  
Hans Christian Olbrist Archive Project
Penthouse P

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